Timing is everything

4-second video.

On the executive coaching call, the client is at an airport (not his home airport). He asks for a few minutes delay because travel issues happen when you least expect.

Once he’s settled, he calls back and we conduct our bi-weekly call.

Come to find out, he’s catching an Orlando flight to visit Walt Disney World (WDW).

He had no idea i was spending the day at WDW. i never mentioned it on our call.

He also knows that on any given day – or every day – i can spend the day (or a few minutes) at WDW.

Which could make a person wonder, did he make a special trip just for me?

Sometimes the answer is yes, simply to go the extra-mile.

Today, however, was just an extra-inch.


Already riding the monorail…why not take four seconds (an ‘inch’, effort-wise, in the big picture) to shoot and text a four-second “thinking-of-you” video?

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