Crystal Mickey and Minnie Mouse figurines at Epcot


(photo: Crystal Mickey and Minnie Mouse figures at Epcot’s Germany pavilion.)

Walking around Epcot’s World Showcase promenade had to stop at Germany to snap this photo.

Had to.

Today begins the second month of retirement.

What you don’t see is what we all keep private. The challenges and issues that are breaking our backs.

No one is immune.

Not even the happy folks at Disney.

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  1. Jeff,

    I remember years ago a preacher I knew said this to me (paraphrased), “We are all going through something. Those who appear like they don’t ever have a problem in the world still do…they just choose to not be consumed by the problem , especially in public.” The problems are real and pain is real. But being overtaken by the worry of it – that’s the difference.


  2. Bob, thank you for the validation and the beautiful choice of words to paraphrase. Choosing not to be consumed – brilliant.

    Thank you.

  3. Jeff – sometimes you have to say things aloud or in writing to remind yourself as well. That as much for me as it was for you.

  4. Bob, the written word is a testament to our convictions. To put it in writing and make it public. When we reread something we have to ask, “Is this the truth?”

    It’s a yes, no, or maybe answer. Clarifying our answer clarifies our conviction.

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