Isn’t it ironic how the bigger our dream, the louder this becomes?

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Everyone hopes for better days ahead


Isn’t it ironic how the bigger our dream, the louder the chatter that’s its impossible?

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  1. I am totally agreeing with you on this one, Jeff. I have such a huge dream (for me, anyway…) and all I am hearing is the negative static. So I”m listening to a lot of Rich Mullins to drown out the naysayers and naysayings.

  2. Natalie, thanks for your honesty. Are you comfortable sharing your dream to the world (Guest Post?)?

    Just an idea.

    Anyway, let’s stick together here and encourage each other.

    Go Natalie, go!


  3. Jeff, thank you! I will consider your offer — waiting for a clearer vision of the Big Idea, waiting for a go-ahead from the Lord Jesus, waiting actively with much prayer and passion…

    Aloha and peace.

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