Is It Okay To Just Look?

How many times have you told yourself, “Can’t hurt to look?”

That’s what we said, just yesterday.  🙂

By jeff noel

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  1. Just lookin’! 🙂

    If they came fully trained at eight weeks, would take one “yesterday”.

    Luther and Carter had the luxury of being an only child, and their training was fun, intense and effective.

    Our lives are completely engulfed with mature careers and emerging parental responsibilities.

    All good things take time, and our time will come again. thanks for asking.

  2. The dogs are adorable, but are those two Maine Coon cats Chapin is sitting with in the upper left photo?!

  3. lol
    That’s hilarious.
    They were two of the most unusual and friendly cats I’ve ever met. They took to Chapin in about a nano-second. Longest whiskers ever.
    And yes, BIG and FLUFFY!

  4. Were you ever able to track down any dogs from Luther’s bloodline? I know Cheryl and I talked about it on the phone once while we were still in PA. Didn’t know if AKC could give you that info.

  5. Teresa, thanks for thinking about Luther and our desire to restart our “family”. It looks as though we’ll pursue Carter’s family tree. However, we will follow where the path takes us. Neither in a rush nor set on a certain way. It’s kind of exciting.

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