His reach will also enlarge

Orlando Sanford Airport


Orlando Sanford Airport


(photos above: Up at 3:30 am to drive Cheryl to airport. A ticket she purchased yesterday, just before the medical drama began. She was ready to not go. But it worked out. Her Mom 1,200 miles away needs a pacemaker, quickly.)

While the CT scans came back normal, and potential life-threatening cardiac issues put to rest, his heart is actually enlarging.

His reach will also enlarge.

They say you can not be a prophet in your hometown.

Disney Prophet?

Disney profit?

Living-like-you-mean-it prophet?

Gonna try like hell.

A calling?


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  1. 100 days later…what was the tingling from? Nerves, stress? Glad you are well and after all those tests you must have some peace that all is well. Must have been quite unsettling for everyone.

  2. Donna, the diagnosis was nerve damage, nothing cardiac. Crazy thing, it went away on its own.

    It was comforting to know it wasn’t heart related.

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