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Photo of a Boston Pizza menu in Halifax, Nova Scotia…

As a prolific blogger – The Blog Whisperer – and Orlando based Inspirational Speaker, founder and CEO at Mid Life Celebration, LLC, it’s no secret what it takes to move forward.

  • Give your best away for free
  • Be consistent
  • Court, then lead, a Tribe
  • Make plenty of mistakes
  • Experiment
  • Have fun
  • Be willing to look stupid
  • Be willing to feel alone
  • Be willing to NEVER give up
  • Remain Authentic

Know what you get from these?

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  1. Bingo.
    Not to be THE best, but to be YOUR best.
    That’s anybody wants, isn’t it?
    Living without regret comes with a price – and some of those are itemized in the top ten list above.

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