Category of one doesn’t have to be impossible

Disney speakers with Santa
Category of one (selfies) isn’t too challenging to do.
Looking forward to my final six months on our planet.
Disney Institute Speakers
Exciting Disney Institute opportunities.
Grand Hyatt Bogota
Grand Hyatt Bogota.
Disney Institute Speakers
Picture worth a thousand words. Hands free. Mind free. Heading to lobby for 4:45am hotel departure for Bogota Airport.
Jack the Bear in Bogota
Jack is starting to travel more frequently.
It's not Colombia campaign
Territorial. Proud. Fun.
It's not Colombia campaign
Wow. Talk about sending a strong message.
personalized hotel note
Brayhann and i met at the front desk upon my arrival. His colleague gave me this when i turned in my room keys at 4:40am.

Category of one doesn’t have to be impossible.

But it will require from any of us to lean into discomfort.

Every day.

All day.

You will be perceived by many as a nut job, a fruit loop, a misfit.

It the shoe fits…

Wear it.

And dance, don’t walk.

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