Are you being tested in some extraordinary way?

Daisies as center piece
Trying to keep life as simple as a common daisy?


Are you being tested in some extraordinary way? Political unrest. Neglected physical health. Work demands. Home demands. Neglected spiritual convictions.

Oh, and Thanksgiving is two weeks away.

Ahhh, by the time we read this on February 25, 2014, all this stress and pressure will be a distant memory.


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  1. Jeff,

    Like I have said before, most people are in one of three places, and it applies to being tested and tried. They are either about to go through it, they are in the middle of it, or they just made it through it. And it operates in a triad of sorts. Those who are going through it can gain encouragement from those who just came out of it (a la Barry Manilow’s “I made it through the rain”). And those who are about to go through it can learn from those who are in the middle of it what works and what doesn’t in the midst of the storm. And finally, the ones who are in it or just got through it, can gain encouragement, empathy, and emotional building from the ones about to go through it.

    I say this from experience from one who is in it. Thanks for the encouragement!


  2. Bob, one of our great awakenings is when we realize that everyone goes through hell. Should be obvious, and as we move past being self-centered, we see this more clearly.

    And to your point, it’s either current, in the past, or about to happen (again).

    Surrender, self-control, and service are a great antidote to dealing with the inevitable calamities.

    The other thing is teaching ourselves to become masters at detaching ourselves from things we can’t control.

    We can not control tragedy.

    If we live with a certain, daily, heightened awareness of our blessings, we move to a place with less pain. Not zero pain, but less.

    Prayers for you and your Family. For all Families actually, including my own.

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