What is the one, most tempting thing we could take for granted but don’t?

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What is the one, most tempting thing we could take for granted but don’t?

A career we love and can’t imagine ever coming to an end?

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By jeff noel

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  1. Jeff,

    I think there are a rare few people percentage wise that see their current jobs as part of that career to love.

    Many see it in its most basic form – a means to an end (it’s an attempt to pay the bills/feed the family, etc.). Others see it as a means to keeping the machine going, so to speak, while dreams are being pursued in addition (Paul in the Bible had his dream career, but also made tents to fund himself as he went). Next, there are those who see their current job as not a caeer to love, but a stepping stone to getting to that place. It’s a part of the big picture or long-term plan. Then finally, there are those who are where their dream career is, and they embrace it. Those are the few…the ones we admire that can be there.

    At this point, I am betwixt the prior ones, hoping to one day be in the latter, and praying now to be content with where God wants me to be in spite of my “druthers.”


  2. Bob, thank you for the transparency with which you share and happy Saturday!

    As a teacher, one of the most important (and relentlessly constant) functions is to observe what is going on – in the classroom, in human behavior, with what is said and done, and what is not said and not done.

    Couple of thoughts… 1. Praying you find God’s Grace and Joy in every single day. 2. That you help your children move forward in life with the seeds of wisdom you have uncovered from your life experiences. 3. That you find solace in perspective and resist comparing lives and thinking one is better than another.

    Be well and remain amazed.

    Perhaps the person who loves their job doesn’t have a better job, they just have better perspective.

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