Sir, i’m sorry but you’re going to have to leave

Disney Keynote Speaker
Gambled that i’d be the only one on the back wall if i simply opened the door and walked in. i was correct.


Michael Jr and jeff noel
Michael Jr initiated the photo opportunity. i simply piggy-backed on his first move.


Michael Jr and jeff noel
We reversed the roles.


Disney Keynote Speaker
This young man witnessed the interaction with Michael Jr becasue he was there to drive me to the airport – i carved out time to mentor this college sophomore who wants to eventually work for Disney. We talked on the drive and at the airport Starbucks.


jeff noel
Demonstrating how to make selfies more interesting.


Disney leadership coaching
Three quick photos. Different angles. Looking at things differently helps you to .think .differently


My peripheral vision detected a person approaching me as a stood against the back wall watching Michael Jr speak..

Sir, i’m sorry but you’re going to have to leave.


She didn’t say that.

She asked if i’d like to join her and her group.

Saw the last 30 minutes guilt free.

As i waited in the lobby for a ride to the airport, Michael Jr. and i had a chance to talk just before he drove to his next gig in Chicago.

PS. During Michael Jr’s speech, i got a little teary-eyed trying to comprehend Melissa’s generosity. Her invitation to stay blew my mind.


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