Self-Fulfilling For jeff noll?

What? jeff noll? Just an SEO experiment in progress. Did the same thing with jeffrey noel and rose up to Google search’s front page, without having any jeffreynoel domain names.

Silly? Maybe. Self-absorbed? Not for a second. It’s called Marketing on a bootstrapped budget. Oh, and something about raising money until a cure is found…

Anyway, do any of you have examples of how your hard work, your experimentation has paid off?

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  1. “Anyway, do any of you have examples of how your hard work, your experimentation has paid off?”

    This question made me laugh…
    When I read the words hard work and experimentation I flashed back to my graduate school days: hard work and experimentation, day in and day out for 4.5 years. Resulting in a doctorate. Are three little letters, PhD, the pay off? Or is it the organizational skills and thought process learned along the way?

    Life is full of major lessons. Most don’t result in a diploma.

  2. Patty, great point. Most of life is hard. It’s just that we get so used to getting through the days that it sort of no longer feels hard.

    Blogging everyday for two years – the hard part isn’t the writing. The hard part is what gets left undone because of the writing.

    The hard part in life is trying to find the balance between needs and wants. They often look the same. This is the devils greatest skill – allowing us to believe they are one and the same.

  3. The way I interact with my customers is something that does not cost me any money.

    However, if I don’t smile, if I don’t greet my customers, if I don’t look them in the eye and thank them for choosing us – things I can do for free – then they may not remember me. And part of the identity of my business is me. I want them to take a piece of me with them. I want them to ask for me when they have needs.

    Is it an ego trip? No. I think it’s about establishing a relationship with my customers. Now it is a part of every transaction. I just do it without thinking.

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