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Lost…Chapter 5 of 5

(Today, all 5 blogs are used to tell a story. This is the 5th and final chapter, Click here to jump to the beginning.  At the end of this post is a link to the next “story chapter”. To visit all five 20-second chapters, click the bold word Blog at the end)

Absolutely no video or audio recording, but pictures (without flash) were acceptable….

So that’s what I did….

The End…. (for today)

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Thank you for the clues you dropped along the way. You’ve taken us on a journey that forced us to open our imagination and got us thinking in new directions.

After viewing your pictures and reading the story, I am all set to pack our bags!!! The girls have been counting the days till our departure for over a month now. Thanks for the Dreamy glimpse. 🙂

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