Congratulations to two long-time Disney Cast Members

Disney letter
Opened this mail yesterday. Fun.


Humbled at what came in the mail yesterday.

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  1. Today I get to be at the “place” where it all began, the Magical Disneyland! And, tonigth I get to participate in the Service Celebration honoring our long-time Cast on the west coast….It’s an honor to be a host and celebrant and play in the most magical place on earth.

    Asked my team yesterday, “What would Walt think today…walking through the Park?”
    I have no doubt, he would be so proud!

    You have an opportunity to make magic, in everything you do today! Go for it!!

  2. I am so happy for you! It does sound like a most incredible opportunity to be there for the Service Celebration! This is a major deal indeed!

  3. David, thanks for coming… better late than never. Remember when crashing a party late was in vogue?

    And yeah, it’s pretty mind blowing when you step back from it and see it from farther away.

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