Blaming Lee Cockerell for this

AV check at Marriott's Orlando World Center
AV check at Marriott’s Orlando World Center


AV check at Marriott's Orlando World Center
Yesterday’s AV check at Marriott’s Orlando World Center


Disney Leadership Keynote Speaker jeff noel
Just getting started.


Disney Leadership Keynote Speaker
Gave Barb a copy yesterday even though she didn’t ask.


During yesterday’s speech there was a moment where recognition was highlighted. And in the moment, raced to the back corner of the stage and grabbed from the small backpack the world’s best leadership book, Creating Magic: Ten Common Sense Leadership Strategies From A Life At Disney, by Lee Cockerell.

Told the Fortune 150 audience that the only reason i was standing in front of them now was because of Lee Cockerell.

Not a hard sell. Rather a seed planted for them on their executive leadership journey. And a small attempt to repay Lee for my biggest post Disney career break.

Insight: Was organized enough to have the book handy should an opportunity present itself.

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  1. Donna, totally exciting. Electrifying. 🙂

    And yes, they are all taking selfies. At the very beginning. See me on the left of that photo? Was demonstrating that it’s ok to feel awkward.

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