Being Organized Is Hard

Will It?
Will It?

There’s a secret to life not many people recognize, and even fewer talk about.

Know what it is?

Being organized.

And the “yeast” that makes being organized work, is simplification.

Complicated processes are a slow poison to our souls.

It’s odorless, colorless, tasteless, silent and completely invisible.

Wake up calls, a mentor, a higher purpose, and maybe one other thing are the catalyst to transformational change.

By jeff noel

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  1. I was originally commenting on being organized, but I guess I kind of see a Major Focus with subheadings.

    I. Catalysts for Transformational Change
    A. Being Organized
    a. How?
    b. Methods?
    B. Wake up calls
    C. A mentor
    D. Higher purpose
    E. Maybe one other thing

    The way I establish habits for myself is to take in methods from many sources and pull out what’s good for me. So, just the selfish guy in me wanting to hear more detail.

  2. Hey, what you put together here sounds pretty good. it’s organized in a way that seeing makes me wonder what to do next.

    Seeing it laid out invites further thought, when it seemed as if it were a closed case.

    Not sure if anything will come about, but will give it a chance to.

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