Carving Out A Life Growing Up

My Name’s Cooper

Hey, Is This My New Home?
Hey, Is This My New Home?
My Big Brother Is Cool
My Big Brother Is Cool
Um, This Is My New Mom
Um, This Is My New Mom
I Love My Backyard
I Like This Spot
I'm Really Comfortable Here
I'm Really Comfortable Here

By jeff noel

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11 replies on “My Name’s Cooper”

David, he’s sleeping in his crate as I type this. We are firm believers in crate training. The crate becomes his bedroom, his safe space, a special place just for him. Otherwise, he’d be in our bed. 🙂

Ben, funny thing, Cooper did the final editing.

Thanks guys.


Well, Cooper is a blessed dog, ending up with a family that will care for him like yours will! I think I hear a commercial in the background now…”Lucky Dog, Lucky Dog, I’m a Lucky Dog.” 🙂



Thank you Bob.
If the meaning of life is to love and be loved, this relationship should just about be perfect.
My goal in life will be to transform into the type of person Cooper thinks I am.


I was singing that song in my head too! Thanks for the short walk down memory lane.

Jeff, looks like this was the right move at the right time. Good lesson!

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