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Dude, Is That The Blog Whisperer?
Dude, Is That The Blog Whisperer?

We don’t wait until kids are an “adult” to teach them how to read, write, add and subtract.

But we wait until they’re an adult, hoping mental responsibility, physical responsibility, spiritual responsibility, career responsibility, and administrative responsibility will fall from the sky and then be bestowed on them.

What if we didn’t wait?

When should we start the teaching process and how long should it last?

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  1. This pic looks like it could be from the movie The Sandlot, a family favorite. Life is a learning process. With our son just moving away for a job, it makes me wonder about all the things he doesn’t know how to do. But I guess figuring those things out is part of the maturing process. We’re only a phone call away when he needs lessons. 🙂

  2. Teresa, how challenging, rewarding, joyful, scary is it to see your children leave, one by one?

    What courage that must take.

    What satisfaction that must bring.

    And, I often wonder what we can do to develop a well-balanced personal responsibility mindset, so that kids get “responsibility as readily as they understand reading, writing and math.

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