Did You Get Sucked Into The Media Circus During Casey Anthony’s Trial?

For those in the business, it was great benchmarking to follow the Casey Anthony Trial. For the rest of us, what the hell heck was the point? How many mysterious crimes have gone unsolved? Do you follow those? Why the sudden interest?

We can’t organize and motivate ourselves to live healthier, but we can make sure we carve out the necessary time to watch, or record and then watch, the Casey Anthony trial.

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  1. I didn’t watch it, read it, or google it — just caught snip its when it was on the radio while driving in the car. But I believe the draw could be based in the facts that a mom was accused of killing her own child. And the circumstances surrounding her daughter’s death and the mom’s behavior. It was and still is a very sad situation.

  2. I had only heard about it, just before the verdict. Had it not been for devout followers on facebook, I might have missed it.
    I was sad and angered, once I learned about the circumstances. But I did refuse to get sucked in.
    Even the idea of a parent having anything to do with a child’s death makes me furious.
    The most I can do is to try to protect mine, though.

  3. Craig, no worries, my friend.
    Moving forward, I’ll be disabling comments on at least three of the blogs anyway, in an effort to enhance the cyber “meeting” location.

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