Waited 50 years

20-second video: Thin places summary video.
27-second video: Thin places reprise video. 
Woman standing on a mountain
Photo: After lunch, we are heading back down, towards Mt Siyeh. 
27-second video: Hey Jeff, what’s it like hiking in Glacier? Video recap.
8-second video: Immediately noticed the Grizzly as we started the descent. Cheryl immediately noticed the couple (upper left in video). 
11-second video: Real time video of our assessment to retreat or walk past the Grizzly. We had several minutes of blind spot in which we had no idea if the Grizzly had moved closer to the trail. 
8-second video: The bear had its head in a hole it was digging. i seized the moment to hustle to the trail’s downside. We didn’t want to get stuck between the Grizzly and the Pass. 

The videos and captions tell the story here. 

Had i not seen this happen two days prior, i would have NEVER attempted to get this close…the odds of me witnessing this moment are virtually zero. 

Grizzly Bear near hiking trail with hikers
A serendipitous moment where i witnessed this Ranger leading hikers past a Grizzly (left) on Highline Trail near Rim Rock (the trail’s cliffy, cabled starting point).

Happy present moment. Best wildlife encounter in my nearly 50 years of visits to Glacier.

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