Time heals

21-second video: September 30, 2020. Roughly six months into the Covid-19 pandemic. Thirty-thousand Disneyland and Walt Disney World Cast Members are terminated. Brutal news.

A year ago i recorded this short video. 

A year later, today, snow permitting, a follow up video will be recorded from the exact location – Mt Oberlin. 

Coincidentally, after last year’s video recording, i began my descent to the Logan Pass visitor center parking lot, got lost on top, and panicked. 

Definitely the scariest lifetime Glacier experience. 

The good news?

One year later, Disney Theme Park operations have rebounded remarkably. i too have grown from my terrifying mountain summit experience. In fact, it has opened my eyes to doing night hikes, in a group. 

Today’s posts have been written in the rental car at Logan Pass. A few “real-time” pics to show where i’m about to hike:

It’s taken four hours longer than Summer to fill the parking lot. In Summer, lot is full around 6:00 AM. As i finish typing this sentence, the frustrated drivers are circling like hyenas trying to strike at someone miraculously vacating a coveted parking space. 

It stresses ME out. And i already have a space (since 730am). 

This hyena-anxiety will exist until about 3pm. Brutal.


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