Take the office with you

Photo taken from our nap location.
The nap and break between hikes made the Grinnell Glacier (upper right) Overlook a nice evening excursion.
We could make this our office, right over there.
Dan, from Arkansas, permanently left Walmart HQ for a six-month road trip.
Photo credit: Djuan Rivers.
Djuan, just before we descended back to Granite.

Organize to maximize.

No matter where you are, your office travels with you.

Personal organization includes a proactive state of mind that can sift through continuous distractions no matter your location.

Wilderness living requires weather anticipation.

Anticipating requires looking ahead a few days, knowing things can change, but also seeing the changes in real time.

Hiking to Granite Park Chalet from the Loop instead of Logan Pass was an intentional decision so that our hike out, if done in the rain, would be only four miles instead of eight.

While leaving Granite this morning instead of tomorrow morning is our least favorite (and most expensive) option, it is our wisest option.

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