Presidential Suite (no one knows nor cares)

Mountains through chalet window
In the 40 nights i’ve spent at Granite Park Chalet, never stayed in the Presidential Suite.
Mountains through chalet window
It’s simply called Room 8. i nick-named it the Presidential Suite.
Mountains through chalet window
The only room that has this view.
Mountains through chalet window
There’s a person by the blue shoe, for second floor context.
Mountains through chalet window, with jeff noel sitting on window ledge
Overwhelmed by this opportunity.
Was preparing to do a Grinnell Glacier Overlook (center horizon) sunset hike when i realized the present moment could not be topped.
Mountains through chalet window
Pulled up a chair and simply drank it all in, without lifting a muscle.
mountain chalet
Second floor, left window.
mountain sunset
The sun coming through the open room door prompted me to turn around and catch this image.

No one cares what rewards you enjoy or hardships you endure. But you do. In the end, that’s what matters. You have to know and you have to care.


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