Organize to get up and look up

Going to the Sun Road at night. The Garden Wall and the Northern Lights captured in a time-lapse night time photo from Mt. Oberlin. Heading to Mt Oberlin in an hour.
The moss, ferns, large leaf shrubs seem out of place in Glacier. In reality, they have found their special place. Privileged to be there yesterday.

Top photo shows an eight-mile portion of the 50-mile Going-to-the-Sun Road, a time-lapse taken at 8,200′. The second photo is from deep in the forest in Glacier’s lowest elevation, 3,200′ above sea level.

The first photo represents the climb to get up to see the bigger picture.

The second photo represents using your neck muscles to look around, especially up.

Sore and stiff necks as we age are the result of not looking around nor up.

Closed-minded thinking is a result of not seeing the bigger, global picture.

Organize yourself to never feel too old to lift your feet and your neck.

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