Love to learn but hate to change?

Disney karma
Last night. Djuan sharing with Chapin one of his famously-crazy homemade videos.
Disney karma
Last night a pizza dinner….almost forgot to capture a photo of the moment…knowing how many photos i take, this surprised me.
Disney karma
Over 100 years of Disney experience from just three people here.
Glacier Park fire tower
This Glacier National Park fire tower near the Canadian border was razed in the 1960’s. Screenshot from a Facebook update yesterday…timing, huh?
speaker tips
On a scale of 1-10 (10 is best) for your love of learning and your love of change, then multiply the two. What is your total? Ps. Before bed last night i watched a decently informative video.

Organized enough to know Michael is returning to Australia in a week. Who knows if there will ever be a chance to see him again.

He, Djuan, and i spent a week in Glacier a month ago. Jody Maberry was along for two nights, and i forgot to Facetime Jody last night.

Wanted my Family to meet Michael and to connect as a unit (with Djuan) before it was too late.

Last week i organized the dinner date.

And before bed, i caught up on the day’s emails, etc.

Stumbled upon a great UK speaker and learned a cool approach to illustrating a blinding flash of the obvious…most of us love to learn and most of us hate to change.

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