It all started from a desperate attempt for a Family vacation

Disney Keynote Speakers
Summer 2016 with Sig Ep Founding Father, Dave.


Disney Keynote Speakers
Summer 2017 with Pennsylvania Tau Founding Father, Howard.


It all started from a desperate attempt for a Family vacation.

Waited too long to book accommodations and the only availability inside the Park was for a week when high school is in session.

Who pulls their kid out of school for a week shortly after the new school year starts?

But i stayed on it and eventually secured mid-summer accommodations for our Family trip to Glacier.

On a whim, i kept the other week’s reservation. You can cancel within 72 hours for free.

Didn’t need to cancel it.

Talked a college buddy into going with me.

The rest, as they say, is history.

Last year became year two for this same time frame and a different college buddy came with me.

This summer will be the third in a row for that same week in Glacier National Park.

Writing in Glacier is the most inspiring writing i’ve ever done.


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