If podcasts could talk

Mt. Gould upper left. Reynolds, Oberlin and Clements upper right edge. 
An “i was there” shot. 
Another “i was there” shot.
Taken from 8,200’ looking North. This is our hiking vicinity today, August 28.
Zooming in. 
More zooming. Mt Cleveland dominates the entire upper horizon – from left to right is one mountain. Cleveland is Glacier’s tallest peak at 10,600′.
Jody taking a couple’s (Aurora and Matthew) photo. 
Might be the only photo of Jody and me at Swiftcurrent fire tower. All four of us shivered so badly we were forced to leave. 

The recording quantity i envisioned is less than we’ve produced so far. 

In this disparity lies an insight: Make plans, stay creative, and be flexible. 

Profoundly simple and simply profound. 

Additionally, i have a Swiftcurrent Motor Inn reservation for today but am forfeiting it due to a better opportunity (today). 

Hiking Ahern Pass and staying put at Granite Park Chalet. 

Is it wasteful to lose one-night’s deposit at Swiftcurrent? 



Booking a non-refundable hotel reservation gave us options as i planned in advance from Orlando. 

Options that could never be created had i arrived here unprepared. 

Ahern Pass is a better, and more rare, hiking option today. 

As a bonus, tomorrow becomes a “free day” for hiking. Meaning we can decide today, tonight, or even tomorrow where we want to hike. Our options are incredible. 

Over-focusing allows incredible options to flourish. 

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