Euphorically understated

There seems to be no way you’d want to go around the left edge. That’s exactly what we did. Not bad at all. By myself i would have been terrified.
Steve leading the way and stopped so i could snap a few pics. Dragons Tale, center.
Steve (left horizon) at the summit, Stacy on her way, and me hunkered down taking this photo.

Euphorically understated, that’s how i describe the ascent from 8,616′ to 9,156′.



Absolutely focused.

One misstep, one miscalculation with the wind – disaster.

All i focused on was the next step.

The heights, the narrow paths, the sheer drop offs, none of that was in my “view”.

It was the only way to stay calm.

It worked.

Thank you Steve and Stacy.

•  •  •  •  •

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