Energy multiplier

flower's shadow rock
Shadows are no longer overlooked.
Shadows, even small ones like the one this rock-side waterfall is in, are recognized.
Logan Pass.
The Garden Wall (aka the Continental Divide) hovers either side of 9,000′. Haystack Butte (left) is on the summit wish-list. Photo taken on drive from Logan Pass to West Glacier.
mountains with small cafe in foreground
Sitting outside West Glacier Motel room. Watching the sun set on the top of the mountain. Seconds after the photo, the sun light disappeared from the top.
Weird timing on the social media post. The Motel room doesn’t have a closet, no dresser, no TV, nothing that speaks to material storage nor indulgence.

Be the most organized person you know. It becomes easier to achieve as you continuously shed what doesn’t matter.


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