Always tending their nests

The City Beautiful, Orlando. Wrote today’s 5 posts from the Delta jet, on an iPhone.

Always tending their nests.


In nature, there’s a constant tending to an animal’s main source of habitat: a nest, hive, burrough, den, perch, etc.

No different for humans.

Not really.

Some humans take it more seriously than others. These humans increase their odds not only of surviving the proverbial gauntlet of life, but thriving in the midst of it.

Taking risks, .thinking .differently, and envisioning a spectacular future are my three get-to-dos in life.

Shedding 147 Gigs of duplicate photos yesterday created a huge margin in iCloud storage. The margin is even more significant because it correspondently reduces space on Macbook hard drives.

Years ago i experimented with a (now seen as cumbersome) creative photo organization system.

This system is now obsolete.

Grateful to recognize this fact and excited to dismantle it.

Risky and uncomfortable.

Remember our battlecry, lean into discomfort.


Open that door. Make your doorstop feel useful and loved.

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