Over-sleeping is common

pool pump
Life will continuously challenging you to manage things because things break, stop working, or are simply a new way of doing things and you need to learn new stuff.
water treatment equipment
At 3pm, we shouldn’t be out of treated water but we are. This is all new to me.

Over-sleeping is common.

Over-focusing is not.

Rare is the person who over-focuses on the same things she used to under-focus on or ignore.

You have an incredible advantage going into college because you’ve experiencd 24/7 Disney Institute training growing up.

This is a gift.

You will eventually get to a thriving place where your days begin near 5am and you get more done for yourself before the sun rises than most get done the entire day.

Thriving has hacks. A daily, personal victory leads to thriving.

The secret to daily personal victories is to awaken before the rest of the world. Beat the rush, as they say.

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