Organized is transferable to everything

Yesterday morning before the Lyft to the airport, i was synching the Garmin Satellite GPS device that arrived a few hours earlier.

Son, while you prepared and packed this month for yesterday’s trip to college, i’ve been honing a few Glacier National Park travel and work enhancements.


Odds are high i will be working and hiking solo for five weeks.

While the general public is warned to never hike alone, more experienced Glacier National Park hikers can manage well on their own.

Having a satellite GPS tracking and texting device provides a level of reassurance should i be in need of emergency-type help.

In addition, carrying two cans of bear spray will be the new normal.

The five weeks already spent in Glacier this Summer have accelerated an appreciation for, and a confidence with, the bigger wild animals – bears, rams, goats.

Wisdom is not only for business and parenting, but also for the wilderness.

PS. Interestingly enough, everything i’ve learned about Mountain Lions recommends fighting back as the primary defense. Mountain Lions are predatory. The other big animals are not.

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