Membership dues and then some

Favorite Pixar movie is UP.
Beargrass lines both sides of Going To The Sun Road at Lake McDonald Lodge.
This is not good news. Kalispell doesn’t offer many plan b’s.
One (expensive) seat left. This is my only option. Big executive board meeting tomorrow afternoon. Even an early flight out tomorrow (of which there are none available), would not work.
Brenda (hand on head) helped me immensely and ultimately confirmed United will refund my delayed flight; however, she wasn’t able to give me the phone agent’s name, only this link:

i’ve paid my membership dues and then some.

The long way is the short cut.

A vision is lofty, hard to articulate, you may not say it the same way twice.

A vision may also be impossible.

To the one who gives up before their life is over, they never know what could have been.

(i get it, life is full of challenges. i also get that perseverance is a thing because of its definition.)

So thankful for an impossible goal to be able to work from anywhere at anytime, doing work i love.

i booked the last Delta seat (for a flight leaving in 80 minutes) with an iPhone while waiting in the United Customer Service line.

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