Meeting planners sometimes want a “Disney Keynote Speaker”

Disney Keynote Speaker search
Disney Keynote Speaker search in Kuwait Hotel yesterday, April 26, 2019.
TEDxAUK speakers 2019
TEDxAUK speakers 2019, gathered in Hotel lobby last night.
TEDxAUK speakers 2019
Rehearsal for the 8 (of 10) speakers who were at the hotel.
TEDxAUK speakers 2019
Omar Nour went first. He’s Egypt’s first professional triathlete.
TEDxAUK speakers 2019
Omar is a recent AUK grad and delivered a powerful speech about creativity and failure.
Inspiring quote
Don’t recall who used this, but i think it’s exactly in line with my speaking vision.
TEDxAUK speakers 2019
Ali is Dr Amir Zeid’s (event co-organizer) 12-year old son. We hit it off. He carries himself in an adult crowd better than most adults.
TEDxAUK speakers 2019
Omar Nour over my head, and other integral volunteers.
TEDxAUK 2019
My friend Ali. Photographer unknown, probably mom or dad.

Meeting planners sometimes want a “Disney Keynote Speaker”.

So i Googled “Disney Keynote Speaker” from the Kuwait Hotel lobby business center.

Their search engine is Bing. Who uses Bing anymore?

Anyway, top four spots. Plus two more lower down.

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