Keep moving forward

Walking quickly to compensate for the stationary time with the goats, almost sped past here, but didn’t. Do you see the hidden Mickey (from yesterday)?

Amazing (to me) that the flowers have turned to face the sunrise. Last night they faced the sunset. Remarkable. 

The back-to-back sunrise summits and descents are designed to familiarize the hike leader with a trail that is not obvious. 

The descent took and hour, counting stops. 

Stopped by Cabin 20 to drop off a small backpack. 

The other half of my luggage (left) and trash/recyclables from a three-week rental.  

The building’s rear. Yesterday. 

The build’s front. 

Inside, from my chair. 

Team photo last night, 9:00PM. 

Back deck photo, 9:30 PM. 

Back deck photo from 6:00 AM this morning. 

Son, life as a small business owner with a global reach is challenging when internet access is virtually non-existent. 

Used the public library for three hours until they closed at 4:00 PM. 

Then sat in the rental car in the grocery store parking lot for 2.5 more hours because the Verizon signal was strong there. 

The ATT signal was 2 bars and Verizon was 4. 

Having two phones and two carriers is one of “a million” ways i over-focus. 

Son, embrace over-focusing and create your own unique structure and processes to get and stay decently organized. 

The road to excellence has no finish line. 

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