HQ = the in-box of life

Make a wish. The wisp floated into the car while i was typing.
The Hidden Lake Trail was perfect for recording marketing videos, but the microphone wasn’t working properly. Ordered a new one when i came down from the Mountains.
Pool app not working and i’m certain it’s something the pool tech simply needs to turn back on after servicing the equipment.
Driving “home” to Rising Sun Motor Inn after a long day at a Wi-Fi hotspot in St. Mary Lodge.
Yes, this is from the 6-mile drive West from St. Mary to Rising Sun.
Less than 24 hours after upgrading my 8-gig plan to unlimited, I lost the personal hotspot ability. Kevin reinstated the original plan. Back to being able to tether other devices.
That’s a lot of data.

The photo captions capture and chronicle the paperwork of life that crossed my desk yesterday.

Of course there’s more than highlighted here, and that’s the point.

Spent six hours sitting inside getting caught up with my business administrative tasks.

The good news is:

  • The Wi-Fi i discovered is awesome.
  • The wind was too dangerous to be hiking in.
  • i am back at the same place today making continuous progress.
  • This morning was windy and cold – great rational for being inside.

•  •  •  •  •

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