How did your TED Talk go?

Omar Nour
Omar Nour, TEDxAUK speaker one. Here, he’s having fun with Jack during our group AV check.

How did your TED Talk go?

It went really well.

i forgot my first line…and paused (froze) because i had to figure out how to proceed…and continued as if it never happened.

The first line was the hook.

Because i knew i wasn’t leading with the hook, panic set in.

In an instant, the hook had to come in as soon as possible, but only when it made sense.

This restructuring had never been considered, and in an instant, it had to be. Quickly.

On top of this was the pain of knowing i had royally screwed up.

Instinctively, the panic-induced pause had to be orchestrated into a pregnant pause.

Time will tell, once the video goes live in a month, if it’s obvious or invisible.

In the end, it was 20 years of speaking experience that allowed all of this to get processed and resolved in seconds, without the audience having a clue.



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