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Lower Grinnell Lake on our descent. 

Once you become organized, you must consistently tend to your good habits and rituals. 

Many people fall behind on personal organization and never dig themselves out of the hole that traps them for the rest of their life. 

Son, a few tips:

  1. Simplify
  2. Reduce, reuse, recycle
  3. Create structure and processes
  4. Slay procrastination 
  5. Find a million ways to stay motivated
  6. Actively pursue the best life hacks
  7. Teach what you know
  8. Have fun and reward yourself 
  9. Be creative and innovative

Always ask yourself, “Will this matter in one, five, 10, or more years?”

Bonus insight: Picture being in a senior living facility with minimal room for stuff. What would you really need and want if space dictated you can’t have much?

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