Earning their Ears

Redwood on still camera. Getting the best angle from up in a dead tree.
Sun Point used to have a number of Lakeside Chalets.
Trees are great places to get a different angle.
The crew. Small and mighty. Nimble, creative, patient, grateful.
Disney Leadership Speaker jeff noel
Heavy Runner and Mt Reynolds as we drive to Logan Pass.
jeff noel Disney speaker
L-R: Mt. Oberlin, Clements Mountain, Mt. Cannon. Not far from The Loop.
Too many people and too quiet in Lake McDonald Lodge, so i cancelled plans to film here.
Capturing real life in real time, yesterday.
Belton Chalet
Belton Chalet, Lewis Cottage.
Belton Chalet
Our office porch.
Belton Chalet
The basement had great wifi for us to use. Our office had none.
Redwood singing and playing like he means it.

Earning My Ears is a red ribbon new Cast Members wear with their name tags. 

The red ribbons used to say, In Training

Big difference. 

The difference is big for our Guests, not for Cast Members, but you probably already knew that.

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