Decision fatigue and our HQ

Iberia airline ticket
The return is off by 13 days and the final city is not Miami. Leaving Madrid June 7, landing in Orlando June 7. It’s May 3 as i discover this.

Decision fatigue and our HQ.

Bad news is the return flight’s date and destination city are incorrect.

Good news is the agency has a month to correct.

Had i not been looking for a photo from yesterday, i could have flown to Madrid and never caught this until June 6 when the 24-hour notice to check-in never arrived via email.

Son, life will deal you “bad or stormy weather”. It’s like the real weather, we get great weather, good weather, bad weather, and sometimes severe weather.

The only thing we can control is our preparedness for severe weather. We also get to control our appreciation for great, good, and bad weather.

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