Called it off

Instead of another hike i stopped at almost every pullover, something i rarely do.
The road is virtually deserted after 7:30 PM.
St . Mary Lake looking East and the West end of the Great Plains.
Good night (again) Wild Goose Island.

Called it off last night for the same reasons as the night before.

Thought a 90-minute earlier start would solve for my anxieties.

Half-a-mile in i knew it was too risky to do solo.

Mt. Oberlin is an obscure hike because there’s no sign and you must step over the “keep off” chain.

On yesterday’s solo Oberlin summit and back, i saw four people.

It’s a dangerous hike for tourists.

It’s an even worse place to fall because there’s no foot traffic to notice.

After being the first one up yesterday morning, i had the notion to do it for sunset.

After deciding no, i drove down and went to bed early.

It was tempting to do Hidden Lake again, especially after that Magical evening.

Heading out the door at 5:45 AM to do it again before exchanging rental cars at the airport.

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