Zero theory, 100% execution

All jeff noel postage stamps are placed upside down
Mailed the W-9 form yesterday


All jeff noel postage stamps are placed upside down
Have been placing every stamp upside down since 1996


Do you have small, seemingly insignificant ways that not only demonstrate longterm commitment, but also intentionally leave subtle messages about what you value?

How organized would a person have to be to intentionally place every single postage stamp upside down for 17 years with no end in sight?

Zero theory, 100% execution.

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  1. Natalie, there’s a story behind the upside stamp.

    In 1996 when they gave my Grandmother six weeks to live it shook my world. After she passed away, my Dad (then 56) started having memory issues, which we thought were from the stress of unresolved parent/child issues.

    Turns out is was early onset, rapid progression Alzheimer’s.

    Started sending him Disney postcards (had easy access to them), and began placing the stamp upside down as a way of saying “I love you”, similar to the way Carol Burnett used to tug her ear at the end of each show.

    It became a habit, and then it became an opportunity to preserve some Family history (when the question would come, “Why do you always put stamps upside down?) for a yet to be conceived child.

    So yes, OCD. lol 🙂

  2. Jeff, an OCD with great love and meaning attached to it. Thanks so much for sharing that story with us — it’s the little things in our lives that contain the greatest opportunity for love. God bless you today…and tomorrow.

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