Won’t you be my neighbor?

compliment to an outlier
CEO message.


At the grocery store checkout yesterday. Who doesn’t want to be mindful, and why is it so elusive? This is an opportunity for an outlier to bring a radical approach to balance.


National Chocolate Day
National Chocolate Day. If you never buy chocolate and can take it or leave it, then good. For the rest of us…National Chocolate Day is another excuse to buy/consume (perhaps in excess).




“Won’t you be my neighbor” is the 2018 Mister Rogers documentary.

Watched it yesterday afternoon with Chapin.

It was good.

Good is a lesser word than excellent or amazing.

Visually it was good.

DNA-wise it was excellent.

Fred Rogers was an outlier.

Note, i never watched the show. We did not have public television access.

Outliers are not accepted, especially by people close to them, and people deeply entrenched in what it is the outlier is trying to change.

i know this.

i know this too well.

Maybe that’s what the CEO means.

i know the obstacles, yet i journey on, undaunted.




Be amazed and be amazing.

Third time’s a charm.


PS. Balance is not a myth.


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