When i stopped doing this one thing, i changed everything

Famous entreprenuers
Yeah, it’s not very romantic in the early years.


My speaking business didn’t make a dime in revenue for the first six years.

In the seventh year (which was only last year) i finally earned revenue (far exceeding any other year).

Who would wait seven years to cash their first paycheck?

Who would leave behind the security and admiration of a 30-year Disney career, risking failure?


Sure as heck wasn’t going to be me.

But the 2008-09 economic tsunami challenged me in a life-altering way.

You see, i love quotes as much (or more) than most people i’ve met.

Fanatical even.


But when i intentionally stopped doing this one thing, i changed everything.


i stopped posting quotes from famous people.

And began posting my own, original, quotes.

i came to realize that not until i took control of what i believed and was able to synthesize and architect it into an original quote thought, then my thinking wasn’t original.

i didn’t invent quotes, but i did harness how i consumed them and then moved from being a consumer to a creator.

Consumers don’t change the world, creators do. -jeff noel  (Tweet that)


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