What is your desired career accomplishment level?

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This post is a repeat of today’s second post. Why? Repetition helps us learn.

Do the reps.

Never get bored with the basics.

What is your desired Career accomplishment level?

From this longer more nuanced list, pick the level number you desire for your Organizational Vibrancy, once again using the 5k runner analogy:

  1. Olympic Gold and World Record
  2. Olympic Gold and Olympic Record
  3. Olympic Gold
  4. Olympic podium silver or bronze
  5. Olympic finals
  6. Olympic Team
  7. Olympic trails, qualify to attend
  8. Nationals Gold, American record
  9. Nationals Gold, Meet record
  10. Nationals Gold
  11. Nationals podium silver or bronze
  12. Nationals finals
  13. Nationals, qualify to attend
  14. Conference podium, Gold, Collegiate record
  15. Conference podium, Gold
  16. Conference podium, silver or bronze
  17. Conference, finals
  18. Conference Championships, qualify to to attend
  19. College Team school record
  20. College Varsity Team
  21. College recreational runner
  22. HS State Championships Gold, State Record
  23. HS State Championships Gold
  24. HS State Championships, podium silver or bronze
  25. HS State Championships finals
  26. HS Districts podium Gold, District record
  27. HS Districts podium silver or bronze
  28. HS Districts finals
  29. HS Districts, qualify to attend
  30. HS Varsity Team, school record
  31. HS Varsity Team
  32. Recreational runner
  33. No interest in athletics nor competition

How do you feel about your level? Excited, scared, overwhelmed, underwhelmed?

What’s next?


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