Was it a test?

simple contract
Less than 12 hours ago.


Being organized helps you make better decisions.

Yesterday i was asked to sign a last-minute contract.

The contract was very short and only contained language intended to get something i never do – i do not to allow anyone to own a copy of my keynote speech.

My agent is crystal clear about this and is the one working directly with the end client.

It begs the question, “Was it a test?”

Busy people in urgent and tense situations often agree to something they wouldn’t agree to when there’s no pressure.


To make the tension go away.

i added to the tension exponentially when i told my agent, “i hope not being able to record my speech isn’t a deal breaker.”

If it is a deal breaker, my agent and i lose a nice paycheck and miss the opportunity to provide a deserving audience with transformational Disney business insights.


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