Walt Disney said something I subscribe to everyday…

we keep moving forward, one entrepreneurial step at a time

Keep moving forward. – Walt Disney

If you say you’re gonna keep moving moving forward, then do it. Even if it’s only one small entrepreneurial step at a time.

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  1. Jeff,

    I know after helping my son last semester on his big research paper about someone who was “pioneering” in what he did (he picked Walt Disney), I learned much more about the man than I had ever known. I pointed out to him that there were several times that Walt Disney should have or could have quit, based on a “safe” decision. Yet, because he didn’t do the conventional, safe thing, we have the fruits of his labors in all that’s Disney! He never stopped – he did move forward, sometimes one micro-step at a time and sometimes hundreds of Tigger bounces at a time (like unleashing “Fantasia” way before anyone had done anything like it). I was inspired by it all, and Zachary, well, talks about one day wanting to be an intern at Disney! That progressive mindset is contageous!

    Have a great one – we are having our last one with the Mouse.


  2. Bob, sounds like it was a fun, and educational, project for both.
    Walt Disney, the man, inspires me every single day.
    Walt Disney, the company, amazes (and inspires) me everyday also.
    Enjoy your day.
    Where are you headed today?

  3. Jeff,

    I totally agree. I think the thing that amazes me the most is how nothing goes unnoticed, and nothing is done half-way. That’s the Disney way, and I know a lot of companies lack that attention to details and excellence.

    The morning will be at Epcot and then this early evening until the late close will be at Magic Kingdom. We have spent a lot of time in all the parks this vacation, and we may not get back to Disney for a while, so we are hitting our favorites one last time!

  4. Bob, no promises… will let you know if I can catch up with you in MK. If so, it’d be after 6pm. Would love to see you and your Family before you head home.

  5. Jeff – it would be great to catch up as well!

    Patty – you are right. Finding that point can be hard, like knowing “when to say when.”

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