This Disney speaker never gives the same speech twice

Someone writing about Steve Jobs
Steve was “intense and relentless”. i know this mindset well.


Harvard Business Review Leadership cover
How many of us are going to be CEO’s? Yesterday at airport newsstand – current issue of HBR.


JFK Airport pizza
The glamour of International business travel and an expense account.


Freedom Tower from Delta Airlines exit row seat
Freedom Tower from last night’s Delta Airlines exit row seat.


Vehicle decal
Entering the airport parking garage, this is the first thing i see. The timing is stunning.


Vehicle decal
Entering the airport parking garage, this is the first thing i see.


Each speech i do is different from any other speech i’ve delivered. And each speech is used as another step up the confidence ladder. However, with the Montreal speech, i took a giant two-step step.

Note: The business man sitting across the exit row aisle seat from me was from France. We chatted before taking off in New York, and for a little while longer as we climbed to cruising altitude. He was heading to Gaylord Palms (near Disney) for a Dentist convention. He’s a Dentist in France. He checked his messages as soon as we landed, and he was the first to share the horrific Paris attacks last night. He lives in eastern France, but has a nephew in Paris. He immediately called his nephew (who was alright) and his nephew told him, “Stay in America.”




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