The only explanation is it must be love

sensationalized tabloid headline
Sensational headlines are great. i don’t have the desire to sensationalize blog headlines. 


Some people start playing music because they love playing music – how it makes them feel when they do it.

And sometimes that love is traded in for something more.

Love is traded in for financial sustenance.

Making music for money.

Then things change.

You can no longer play what you love, you must play what the audience loves.

In the luckiest of cases, these match.

Usually they don’t.

Before i wrote this post, i was reflecting on how challenging it would be for anyone to read five daily, differently-themed posts, every single day for a decade.

And then i thought how challenging it must be to write five daily, differently-themed posts, every single day, for a decade.

The only explanation is it must be love.

Note: i love to write. Period.


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