The one secret we all actually know but find comfort in denying

Cogs in a wheel
Overcoming cogs in our wheels deserves a thank you to ourselves


The one secret we all actually know but find comfort in denying.

The necessary redundancy of perserverance.

Over and over and over.

Never get bored with the basics.

A cog in the wheel or a majestic breakthrough?

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  1. Party, in rethinking this, perhaps a cog is a majestic breakthrough. Before the bicycle was invented, it was walk or travel on the back of an animal. 🙂

  2. Did the majestic breakthrough come on attempt 1 or 100? NEVER get tired of the basics. NEVER forget the basics.

    NEVER get tired of coming here and getting a dose of encouragement. 🙂

  3. Thanks David. At gate B17 in your hometown. Waiting to push back.

    “I’m going to Disney World!!!! ”

    PS. You’ve been coming here for a long long time. You are great company and a kindred spirit.

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