Sweep it under the rug

Reedy Creek Improvement District
Storm drain cover yesterday.


We can hide most of our disorganization from the world, so why bother to be decently organized?

Bonus points if you can name the acronym, RCID, in the photo.

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  1. I knew Reedy Creek, I Thought it was going to be department but I didn’t know the “I” so I googled it because Google makes life so much easier. Think back to when there was no internet and no google. That is exactly why I love technology, the world is at our finger tips.

  2. Yes, was trying to explain this to a 93-year old yesterday – the concept that the Internet has all the (recorded) information known to humans.

  3. On the opposite end of the spectrum. I was trying to explain this to an 8-yr-old today. I’ll admit that the fact that he didn’t understand, yet, made me proud. Our measured introduction is working.
    P.S. This Disney geek got RCID too. 😉

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